How does the Decovo App for Shopify work in more detail?

Once you have connected your online Shopify shop to Decovo using the custom URL that was emailed to you, orders from Decovo will come through your Shopify store tagged as "Decovo.” When you receive an order, it will look just like any other order you'd receive from a customer who has bought a product on your online shop. The only differences are:

(1) It's tagged "Decovo" so you quickly know it's from Decovo
(2) The order will come through as a "paid" order since the customer has already checked out and paid through Decovo. This means you won't be charged any processing fees by Shopify when you fulfill the order (because Decovo has already paid them).
(3) In the "Notes" section of the order will be a link to the pre-paid shipping label from Decovo (if you have opted to use this) and the Decovo Order Receipt to include in the package.
(4) If the order is fulfilled via a 3PL, a tracking number is sent back from the 3PL on to your Shopify store. When the tracking number is updated on your Shopify store, Decovo's system will pick up the tracking number and then notify the customer.

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