Sponsored Listings

What are Sponsored Listings?
Sponsored Listings is an advertising solution that enables you to promote the products you sell in highly visible locations on Decovo and across our network of partner sites. You select which of your product(s) to advertise, where you want your product(s) placed, and the campaign's duration. Sponsored Listings are available on Discover (the category that all partners land on when they log into their Decovo accounts) as well as on Collection (the shoppable units in partners' stores, e.g. Kristen Arnett). For more information, including case studies and examples, please see our FAQ here and our one-pager on Sponsored Listings here.

Why should I use Sponsored Listings?
With Sponsored Listings, you can help drive brand awareness and sales with product(s) featured in high-visibility locations. There are no monthly fees; you only pay per listing. Consider using Sponsored Listings for product visibility, new offers, and seasonal promotions.

Where will my Sponsored Listings be displayed?
On Discover, your product(s) are displayed on Decovo.com on the page that partners land on when they log into their accounts. On Collection, your product(s) are displayed within partners' stores. With both Discover and Collection, your product(s) will appear across mobile, tablet, and desktop.

How do Sponsored Listings work?

1. Create Your Campaign
When creating a campaign, you will need to choose the product(s) you want to promote, where you want them placed, your budget, and the campaign's duration. We recommend continuously running campaigns to keep your products top of mind.

2. Launch Your Sponsored Listings
Sponsored Listings are eligible to launch immediately. When visitors click on your product(s), they’re taken to Canvas - your product detail page. Here they can learn more about your product, add it to their content (partners) or cart (shoppers), and make their purchase all in one place.

3. Measure Success
Use our reports and insights to measure performance and optimize spend.

How do I set up my Sponsored Listings?
When you are ready to get started, please contact Decovo Partner Support at [email protected]

How should I select which products to promote?
Advertising on Decovo and across our network of partner sites is a great way to promote new brands and product line extensions, improve the visibility of your products, move clearance items, and as a part of seasonal promotional plans to drive sales. It's up to you to determine the strategy that makes the most sense for your business. Sponsored Listings give you the ability to easily create your own campaign strategy.

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