What is Decovo?

Decovo is designed for both marketing and distribution, helping you to grow reach and demand for your products. Decovo is like a modern-day “retail chain,” but online, with products in each Decovo storefront curated by our partners for their communities. Decovo works with several thousand partners and brands across Beauty, Health & Wellness, Home, and Food. Decovo powers the entire shopping experience (including customer support) directly on partner sites, who each have their own audiences in the 50,000-250,000 range. Decovo enables you to increase exposure for your products and sell directly to these audiences.

Check out our latest case study on skincare brand Le Prunier, who ran a campaign across Decovo's network to drive awareness and sales for the launch of its Plum Beauty Oil. Le Prunier experienced a 7x Higher Conversion Rate through Decovo and saw one-third of purchases come from mobile.

Once you’re set up, your Brand Page and listings are added to Decovo’s platform, where partners discover new products, connect directly with brands, and add products to their storefronts. We vet every partner we work with, and you always have the option to request that your products aren’t offered in a particular Decovo storefront. You have full control over your pricing and how your products are displayed on Decovo. You retain all customer data when a purchase is made. Decovo is the merchant of record.

When a transaction is made through Decovo on a partner’s site, Decovo’s software captures this transaction and our system sends the order to you. You fulfill the order as you would normally like any other order coming through your website.

For more information, please see this overview

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