How do I add my products to Decovo?

Once you have been accepted to Decovo, you have two options for listing your products on Decovo:

(1) If your existing e-commerce website is built on Shopify, we offer a Shopify integration that will automatically reference your website to create your Decovo product listings for you. It’s a super simple and quick set up that also lets us sync inventory and notify you of new orders via your existing Shopify store. Our support team is more than happy to walk you through this step-by-step.

(2) If your existing e-commerce website is not built on Shopify, our team will work with you to complete your listings for you. All we ask for is a Dropbox folder with high resolution product images + basic information on the products themselves. Our team will put together your listings for you and send you a beautiful completed Brand Page (for example, Anna Sofia Amezcua, R.L. Linden, Moglea) that highlights your brand and product line on Decovo. Share this page with your community and use it to link to Decovo on your stockists page, your newsletter, and your blog.

*The Shopify integration also includes a Brand Page on Decovo.


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