What products are prohibited from being sold on Decovo?

Decovo strives to create a safe and trustworthy buying experience. As such, Decovo maintains a strict policy around the types of products available for purchase. The following products are prohibited on Decovo:

  • Illegal products
  • Stolen or counterfeit products
  • Recalled or defective products
  • Used products
  • Products made of ivory
  • Products made of endangered or threatened species
  • Weapons
  • Products that contain offensive, violent, obscene, cruel, or inappropriate content in product names, descriptions, or images.

It is your sole responsibility to be familiar with all laws governing the sale, distribution, and use of your work included for sale on Decovo. Products must comply with the Decovo Prohibited Products Policy at all times. If a product is sold that is deemed to be in violation of this policy, Decovo, at its sole discretion, may immediately remove your other work from the site and terminate your account.

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