Why Decovo?

Decovo is for designers and brands such as yourself who are looking to get more customers online but don’t want the headache of more marketing, customer service, and shop logistics. With Decovo, you can focus on what you love (creating!) while we handle the rest.


Representation & Exposure

By joining Decovo, your products will be actively marketed to discerning buyers through online paid advertising, email marketing campaigns, and wider partnerships. Our designers and brands are regularly profiled in features on Decovo’s homepage, through Decovo’s weekly Thursday Note email newsletter, in reviews written by top influencers we partner with, and across social media. Our team brings deep expertise in online sales and digital marketing, led by our founders Alison Cies and Henry Mori. Alison spent three years working at Facebook prior to starting Decovo while Henry ran his own successful digital marketing consultancy for clients in Europe and the US. We know that getting wider exposure to the right audience—online, anywhere in the world, on any device—isn’t easy. Decovo puts you in good hands.

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On Decovo, you’re responsible for making and shipping your products to customers. We support our designers and brands with everything else. All marketing, customer support, shipping costs, payment processing fees and fraud prevention services are handled by Decovo. We do not require exclusivity, so the same products that you sell on Decovo can be sold on your personal website, at brick-and-mortar shops, or at in-person shows. We charge a one-time onboarding & set up fee of $49. We do not charge listing fees or monthly subscription fees. Our revenue model is simple: we take a commission on each sale made through Decovo. We don’t get paid until you get paid. Our goal is to successfully market your work and drive sales for you, so you can focus on what you love doing most—creating.



Every designer and brand on Decovo is hand-selected by our team, who seek out exceptional products that demonstrate Decovo’s founding values of creativity, craftsmanship, and quality design.

We are committed to providing our customers with a single destination for discovering the best independent brands so they can shop knowing that the products they purchase -- whether it be a print, a pillow, or a face serum -- meet our high standards for production.

We welcome applications from designers and brands globally who are looking for representation and exposure to discerning buyers in search of high quality lifestyle and beauty products.

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