Who's in your Partner Network?

Decovo works with hundreds of leading editors, content creators, and professionals across Beauty, Health & Wellness, Home, and Food. All partners invited to join Decovo's Partner Network are highly-respected authorities in their fields. They include celebrity makeup artist and green beauty guru Kristen Arnett; sustainable travel blogger Alden Wicker (EcoCult); designer and influencer Jenny Wu (Geeky Posh); just to name a few.

Each of Decovo's partners has cultivated an engaged and loyal community over many years. These communities rely on our partners for discovering new products and helping them make purchasing decisions. Decovo's software enables our partners to host their own stores and sell to their communities on-site, instead of pushing readers off-site to make a purchase. For this reason, Decovo has proven to be 4x more effective at driving brand awareness and sales than leading alternatives.

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