What is Decovo?

We believe the new retailers are real-world experts: makeup artists, hairstylists, fitness coaches, interior decorators and more. Consumers rely on them for trusted product recommendations & advice. 

Our mission is to help brands connect their products to these new retailers and empower consumers to seamlessly transact at the point of discovery.


DECOVO is a unique network of curated online stores and content, catering to brands both big and small. Unlike Amazon, DECOVO's next-generation e-commerce network gives you full control over your brand, products, and retail prices.

PARTNER NETWORK: Leading professionals rely on DECOVO to power their online stores and shoppable content (here are a few examples). DECOVO lets you seamlessly connect your products to these professionals, while ensuring that you control your product information and prices. When a customer checks out and pays through DECOVO's software, DECOVO notifies you of the new order and you ship the order out from your facility. In other words, you receive and fulfill the order exactly as if it came from your own website. 

Check out our latest case study on skincare brand Le Prunier, who experienced a 7x Higher Conversion Rate through DECOVO and saw one-third of purchases come from mobile.

DECOVO works with hundreds of leading professionals across Beauty, Health & Wellness, Grocery and Home. They include celebrity makeup artist Kristen Arnett; sustainable travel writer Alden Wicker (EcoCult); designer Jenny Wu (Geeky Posh); just to name a few.

Each of DECOVO's partners has cultivated an engaged and loyal client-base over many years, who rely on our partners for discovering new products and helping them make purchasing decisions. DECOVO's software enables our partners to set up an online store with one-click. In doing so, they can seamlessly offer products to their clients to purchase all in one place. For this reason, Decovo has proven to be 4x more effective at driving brand awareness and sales than leading alternatives.

MARKETPLACE: Feature your products on DECOVO's trusted marketplace ShopDecovo.com. A turnkey set up integrates with your existing fulfillment solutions so you're up and running fast, with full support. On ShopDecovo.com, we offer a selection of products, browsable by category, which can be purchased in one place. These products are a mere sampling of the products and brands DECOVO works with. Thousands of brands sell through DECOVO currently. Selling on ShopDecovo.com is opt-in; if you wish to have your products featured, you will have the opportunity to specify this during sign up.

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