Configuring your domain

When you create a Decovo store, you can customize the subdomain part of your site URL, following the format However, the root domain will remain While this is a great starting point, you may already have an existing domain that you want to have your store point to. On our Starter plan and up, you can have a root domain of your choice point directly to your Decovo store.

Required Steps:
While the specifics differ depending on the service you are using, there are five basic steps that are necessary in adding a custom domain to your Decovo store:

  1. Purchasing a domain
  2. Adding your domain to your Decovo store
  3. Changing your custom domain's nameservers (note that this step is only required if your host does not allow for CNAME records on your root domain and/or you want to use your root domain instead of “www.”)
  4. Create a CNAME record that points your custom domain to your Decovo store
  5. Making your custom domain your primary domain (note that this step should not be completed until your new domain has been verified)

Please contact Decovo Support at [email protected] so a member of our team can assist you with adding a custom domain to your Decovo store.

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